Tuesday, 29 January 2013

And We're Back!

Today was 'officially' our first day of the 2013 school year, although our students don't resume until tomorrow - so it doesn't quite feel like 'real' school yet... 

Given it was the first time we had all been back together since the end of last year, there was obviously some reuniting, some holiday small talk and just general catching up to be done... 
In reality, though, there wasn't a huge need for these sorts of pleasantries, as most staff had been in and out of the school for the past two weeks preparing for the new school year! 

Once we got into our full day of PL, it was typically busy, fast-paced, full of information and detail, but also good fun.
Starting the day with some creativity exercises to 'energise' ourselves for the day, we followed with engagement announcements (!), welcomes for new staff, the detailing of key messages for 2013, a session on our approach to teaching Reading, a session on our approach to teaching behaviour, Skyping with a consultant for a Grammar and Spelling program that we use, a session on Professional Learning and Innovation, the work-shopping of some potential Mandatory Reporting scenarios, a Phonics session, then some general 'housekeeping' and 'need to know' stuff [timetabling, budgets, etc.]... 

At one point during the day, we had to write down something we were looking forward to in 2013... I wrote something like "working with motivated colleagues"... 
Admittedly, I didn't think long about it at the time, but, upon reflection, this is one of the absolute best and most rewarding aspects of working at my school [and many others, I'm sure]. 

We are all anxious for the students to start tomorrow and everyone is focused on doing what we can to make the first day, then the first week... as smooth and positive as possible for students and teachers - particularly our new teachers.

Bring on tomorrow! 


  1. hope your first 'kids day' went well. you are very fortunate to be in a school that continues to provide an environment that helps you to stay motivated.

    1. Yes we had a good day - lots of calm and happy classrooms [and teachers!] to start off our year. Agree that I'm lucky to be in a work environment that I find motivating.