Friday, 14 September 2012

Instructional Rounds - Part Two

This is the second in a three-part post. Part One is here.

Part Two - The Rounds... 

Having thoroughly planned how we would carry out the Rounds, it came time for our team to enter classrooms with pen and note taking sheet in hand! I made up a simple recording template for us all to use:

I was hoping to breed consistency in what and how we recorded our observations, whilst also staying true to the three elements of the 'instructional core' that underpin the Rounds process - the teacher, the students, the task / learning experience.
         Teacher                               Students                  Task / Learning Experience

So, in we went! As a team, we visited nine different classrooms, only missing one class, which had a new teacher starting that week and was deemed to need time to settle into this new relationship. 

We saw some common themes, some obvious points of need for improvement, as well as lots of excellent practice by our colleagues.
These experiences of watching 'teachers teach' were valuable professional learning experiences for us as a team, but the next step in the IR process is just as significant, if not more so in terms of professional learning. As a team, we needed to meet soon after our classroom observations, to have genuine professional discussions about teaching and learning - it is this stage where we 'talk about teaching with teachers'. This consolidated our own learning experiences, but also required us to move into identification of 'the next level of work'... 

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