Sunday, 30 September 2012

Different schools, new ideas...

Last Friday, I had the opportunity to visit a couple of schools with the luxuriously simple purpose of learning some new ideas from a different context.
For anyone that works in a school, this sort of opportunity to 'raise your eyes' from the busyness of your own day-to-day work environment can be extremely liberating and a great learning experience.
So it was for me, too.

Why was this a positive learning experience for me..?

I think I learnt from engaging with these different contexts because...

  • I observed similar programs to those used in our school, applied in different ways.

This enabled me to consider possible alternatives for how we implement such programs at our school.

  • I saw some examples of programs and approaches that were applied in a more comprehensive fashion than at our school.

This enabled me to gauge what the next steps could be for our school, in order to improve upon our existing practice.

  • I saw and discussed some philosophies about teaching and learning that were consistent with ours.

This gave me confidence that we are 'on the right track' in many ways, in terms of the beliefs we hold about modern teaching and learning, which underpin our day-to-day programs and practice.

I really value the importance of exposing yourself to new ideas and contexts - I've always found this to be one of the best ways to rapidly improve in a short period of time, as opposed to the more incremental growth achieved through increased familiarity in a known context / setting.

What are some ways that schools and systems can / already do structure for these types of Professional Learning experiences..?

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